Abstract Artist 



About TRB: 

Tina Ruark-Baker, to many known as "T" - is an up and coming self-taught abstract artist living in North Carolina. Tina and her amazing Husband moved from Long Island, NY and are enjoying everything that Charlotte has to offer.  For several years, Tina has been practicing all types of abstract expressions using acrylic and watercolor paints.   Being self-taught, Tina has an incredible way of adapting new ideas, tools and mediums to use in her work.  She enjoys the play of layering and adding unique textures in her paintings.  Tina also has an active part in working with local charities and always finds time to be creative.

Artist Statement:    

“I love watching a piece come to life by using creative textures, layers and colors…  it’s ever-changing.  In my art, I use acrylics, watercolors, glazes, brushes and silicone catalyst wedge tools to create.  Throughout life you always hear that people are like onions with many layers.  I personally would rather explore the layers of art!  (LOL)   I find inspiration in the playful lighting, transparency and depths of layering.  I’ve always been a creative person, being drawn to the visual aspects of art is captivating.  I can honestly say that the best reward to creating art is seeing a face light up with wonder.   Life is short, keep CREATING!”

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